• How do you choose your artists?

    Our programming team is always looking at talented artists as potential performers to add to our stage. Our primary concern is finding artists who are great live performers with enough original material to fill an hour-long television episode. Our shows come together through a mix of hard work, coordinating schedules, and a little bit of luck, and conversations with artists and venues are constantly in the works.

  • How do I get my favorite artist on the show? How can I get my band on the show?

    Suggestions are always welcome! Just visit our contact page to submit a request.

  • How do you choose a venue for a particular artist/episode?

    Live from the Artists Den is all about creating and documenting once-in-a-lifetime pairings between artists and very special places. Planning a new episode taping always begins with a conversation with the artist about their dream “artists den”. Is there a spot or a city that they have a connection to? What kind of vibe or feel are they going for? Are there any special interests or causes that we can highlight in the program?

    Once the artist has decided on a city, the process of finding a venue that fits their vision begins. We do our best to make their dreams come true and marry a venue that is the best fit, artistically, aesthetically, and logistically.

  • I have a great idea for an Artists Den venue. How do I submit it?

    Venue submissions can also be sent through our contact page. It is always helpful to include photos and contact information with venue submissions. If you have a photo, you can email us at info@theartistsden.com.

  • How do I buy tickets to your next episode taping?

    With extremely rare exceptions, the Artists Den does not sell tickets to its tapings. Tickets are distributed to fans in one of two ways: our general admission ticket sweepstakes and Artists Den contests or special sweepstakes.

  • How does the ticket sweepstakes work?

    We always announce our sweepstakes to members of our mailing list and/or members of our social media community approximately two weeks before the show. You can join our mailing list here, and find us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

    The number of winners chosen varies show to show. As part of our mission is to create unique concert experiences with each show, some venues are very limited in size (100-200 guests), while others are much larger (1000+ guests).

    Entry to Artists Den tapings are free and non-transferrable.

    Sweepstakes winners are notified using the email address they provide when entering the sweepstakes. Most of our shows have an age limit of 21+, although this is not always the case. An RSVP from sweepstakes winners is required, and each winner is also allowed to bring one guest with advance notice. Due to space limitations, the Artists Den cannot guarantee entrance to all winners, so early arrival is suggested unless otherwise noted. Guests must arrive at least 10 minutes prior to a show, otherwise their spot may be forfeited. Artists Den shows do not feature openers, and begin promptly. Most shows run approximately 90 minutes.

  • Where is your next episode taping?

    Live from the Artists Den films in cities across the country. We reveal the city for each episode taping when we announce the show. The exact location is only revealed to sweepstakes winners.

  • When will you notify ticket sweepstakes winners?

    The Artists Den notifies sweepstakes winners in phases, typically beginning one and a half weeks before the show taping. This process can in some instances continue up to and through the day before a show. If you’ve entered a sweepstakes, continue to check your email.

  • How many times can I enter the ticket sweepstakes?

    Each entrant is allowed one entry. Multiple submissions will be deleted. If you accidentally enter twice, however, don’t worry, we will remove the duplicate entries but keep one entry in the running.

  • Are there other ways to get tickets besides the sweepstakes?

    We typically run at least one contest or sweepstakes in conjunction with our general show sweepstakes. In most cases we only announce these contests via social media, so be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more chances to win.


Please e-mail any questions and/or comments you may have to info@theartistsden.com