Jakob Dylan

Desmond Tutu Center, New York, NY Season 1 | Episode 3

In through the 19th-century archway, across the ivy-covered courtyard, and up worn stone steps sits the Refectory of the Desmond Tutu Center, located on the campus of the oldest operating seminary in America, in the heart of New York’s vibrant Chelsea neighborhood. The wooden Gothic architecture of the hall provided the backdrop for a special performance by Jakob Dylan and his band, the Gold Mountain Rebels, in celebration of his first solo release, Seeing Things.


The son of music legend Bob Dylan, Jakob Dylan earned wide musical success in his own right with his platinum-selling band the Wallflowers, whose breakthrough 1996 album, Bringing Down the Horse, yielded several hit singles – including “Sixth Avenue Heartache” and “One Headlight” – and two Grammy Awards. Guided by uber-producer Rick Rubin, Jakob Dylan released his first solo album, Seeing Things, in 2008.