Live from the Artists Den is a critically acclaimed television music series best known for presenting intimate concerts by extraordinary artists in untraditional, often historic settings. The show connects fans with once-in-a-lifetime musical experiences from the industry's finest acts. Live from the Artists Den has featured Adele, Shawn Mendes, John Legend, Alabama Shakes, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, and countless others. Venues include Graceland, the New York Public Library, The World's Fair, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
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Live from the Artists Den broadcasts nationally to 270 PBS affiliate stations, and internationally in the UK, Japan, Germany, Australia, Canada, and Latin America. Artists Den events are free and invitation-only. General Admission audience members are randomly selected from our ticket sweepstakes, accessible via our mailing list. To join, please visit artistsden.com/join for show announcements, a full listing of featured artists, broadcast schedules, and content releases.


  • How do you choose your artists?

    Our programming team is always looking at talented artists as potential performers to add to our stage. Our primary concern is finding artists who are great live performers with enough original material to fill an hour-long television episode. Our shows come together through a mix of hard work, coordinating schedules, and a little bit of luck, and conversations with artists and venues are constantly in the works.

  • How do I get my favorite artist on the show? How can I get my band on the show?

    Suggestions are always welcome! Just visit our contact page to submit a request.

  • How do you choose a venue for a particular artist/episode?

    Live from the Artists Den is all about creating and documenting once-in-a-lifetime pairings between artists and very special places. Planning a new episode taping always begins with a conversation with the artist about their dream “artists den”. Is there a spot or a city that they have a connection to? What kind of vibe or feel are they going for? Are there any special interests or causes that we can highlight in the program?

    Once the artist has decided on a city, the process of finding a venue that fits their vision begins. We do our best to make their dreams come true and marry a venue that is the best fit, artistically, aesthetically, and logistically.