Artists Den Partnerships

The Artists Den creates bespoke, once-in-a-lifetime concert experiences for audiences in unique settings around the world. We have built a passionate music community and continue to expand our digital network to serve fans with elevated access to unparalleled live music events and our broadcast series.

The brand was founded on the premise that magic happens when you create unique live music events for fans in intimate, untraditional settings. Artists Den keeps an unwavering commitment to quality and showcasing the extraordinary. Our partners support this mission, the artists we collaborate with, and music fans.

Digital Content

Artists Den collaborates with each artist to create unique short form content that supports their overall episode and gives fans new insight into their favorite bands and the unique, creative journeys they go on. From new songs to intimate interviews and everything in between.

Audience Experience

Each Artists Den is impossible to recreate–truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the audience due to the unique nature of the artist and space. The brand has become a trusted curator of cultural moments for loyal fans and industry influencers.

Broadcast Reach

We are currently filming our 14th television season which broadcasts on public television nationally and to an established international network. Live from the Artists Den is also available on select international in-flight entertainment systems.

Artist Testimonials

"It's incredible to play in this series. Artists Den is such a great series and has featured so many great artists. I think it gives your fans a chance to understand your art a little bit more than they might understand from just seeing a simple concert." - John Legend

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