The Show

IDLES bring their propulsive, hard-hitting rock to the band’s favorite venue in America, the Beachland Ballroom. While on tour in support of their fourth album Crawler, the UK band stopped by the independent venue, also the namesake for their single, “The Beachland Ballroom.” Lead vocalist and songwriter Joe Talbot tours the venue’s unique vintage shop before taking the stage for an explosive performance. IDLES’s Live from My Den displays the sincerity and power of the band’s bombastic sound. The episode also includes separate interview footage with IDLES songwriter and guitarist Mark Bowen–on paternity leave at the time of the taping–recorded before they performed at Brooklyn’s Kings Theatre. 

Live from My Den” is a digital series available on showcasing some of today’s most extraordinary artists performing live from the creative spaces of their homes, studios, and cities most meaningful to them. Read the article and watch IDLES’ full episode here.


IDLES’ performance displays the sincerity and power of the band’s bombastic sound.

The Beachland Ballroom


The five-piece punk rock band IDLES formed in Bristol in 2009, and released their debut album Brutalism in 2017. As they continued to release music, the band became renowned for their community-oriented live shows and intense, hard-hitting music. Their propulsive energy and strong commitment to equity has earned a passionate following and made the one of the most influential UK-based bands today. They released their fourth album Crawler in 2021 and received their first two Grammy Award nominations.