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Pink Sweat$ shared an intimate live performance of his song “At My Worst” from his recent EP, The Prelude. The segment, also featuring the singer’s brother on the piano, was recorded in his L.A. home. In the 23-minute episode, Pink Sweat$, whose real name is David Bowden, talks about breaking into the R&B scene with his debut EP in 2018 and the inspiration behind his EP The Prelude that was released in July of 2020. The artist joined the conversation from his intimate workspace with pink walls, and took the audience through a quick tour, during which he showcased his recording equipment and drum set.

Live from My Den” is a digital series available on showcasing some of today’s most extraordinary artists performing live from the creative spaces of their homes, studios, and cities most meaningful to them. Read the article and watch Pink Sweat$’ full episode here.


Pink Sweat$ talks about breaking into the R&B scene from his intimate workspace with pink walls.

"At My Worst"

Pink Sweat$

David Bowden otherwise known as Pink Sweat$, is a singer-songwriter nicknamed after the attire he is known for wearing in the recording studios. Bowden started off his career writing music for other artists such as Aaron Camper and Natalie Imani. After surviving a three year fight with a rare esophageal disorder, Bowden was inspired to keep his songs to himself and signed with Human ReSources for a digital distribution deal. Within that year, “Honesty” and “No Replacing You” were released, two heartfelt ballads that contrasted the contemporary commercial R&B scene.  Bowden just recently released Pink Planet, his debut album in February 2021 on Atlantic Records.